Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find all the information concerning the world of banking identity, or Bank iD services.

Information for Bank iD users

What are the benefits of a bank identity for me as a user?

Thanks to Bank iD, you can easily and securely log in to the portals of companies and authorities. You can simply communicate with them and handle various things online, anytime and from anywhere. You can verify your identity, forms are automatically pre-filled on the web or in applications and you don't even have to remember so many passwords anymore. And you can also sign documents and contracts online.

Where and how do I actually create a bank identity?

You already have Bank iD if you use online banking at one of the participating banks. You don't have to install anything at all or remember other login details, etc. Only in some cases it is necessary to activate your bank identity (eg if your account has been set up identification by czech crown payment). In this case, please contact your bank directly.

How does bank identity login work?

It's very simple. You choose to log in via Bank iD on the portal of the office or company that uses Bank iD. You will select verification through your bank and you will be redirected to the bank website, where you enter your login details and agree on what data about yourself you will transfer.
Then you will be redirected back to the portal, where is your identity already verified. Only you and your bank can see your login details, company or office can not. You can try login via bank identity on our web sites.

Are bank identity services safe enough?

Yes, the use of Bank iD is very secure, as the service is provided by the banks themselves. Systems operation is under constant surveillance. Authorities and companies will never see your password or other login details or any information about your banking products. You don't need to be worried that in case of any hacker attack, your password for logging in to the bank could be stolen.

Will my data not be leaked when using my bank identity?

No, the transfer of your personal data is technically similar to sending money from the bank to the company's account. You log in to the banking environment and instruct the bank to send your data to the company or office, but only the data that you agree to (e.g. those which are necessary for the conclusion of the contract). Your bank does not see what purpose it has and the company will never get to your bank accounts as they are separate systems. Banks only verify your identity.

How much does it actually cost me to use my banking identity?

As a user, you have a banking identity completely free of charge, not only a secure login, but also verification of personal data, filling in documents or online signing of contracts (if the company allows it).

Where can I use my banking identity?

BankID services are available in various business and state portals. What agendas of state office you can execute with Bank iD is available here. An overview of the companies where you can use Bank iD services can be found here.

Where can I use a digital signature via Bank iD?

You can digitally sign contracts or documents, for example, in a private company portal when negotiating a new product or service (e.g. negotiating an investment contract). Anyone who has a banking identity can sign the document through an online signature. You do not have to request electronic signature options, it is part of Bank iD and also free of charge.
However, the signature must be enabled by the counterparty, i.e. the company must use the Bank iD SIGN service.

What if I don't want to use my banking identity?

If you have online banking of one of the participating banks, then you already use the banking identity, by logging in to your internet banking. Of course, you can decide, whether you will use this secure and simple login method that you already know for login to other portals than banks or not. It's entirely up to you.

Which banking identity should I use if I have accounts with more than one Banks?

Of course, you can use any of your banking identities if you have one with multiple banks. In practice, this works by clicking on the office or company that uses Bank iD when logging in on the "Bank iD" button and there you choose which of your banking identities you will use for your verification. It's up to you which bank you choose.

Can foreigners also use their banking identity?

Foreigners with an electronically readable document (e.g. from non-EU countries) can ask their bank for a banking identity. Foreigners who do not have an electronically readable personal document can obtain banking identity in Fio banka, MONETA Money Bank and Raiffeisenbank, but during 2023 it will be possible set it up with other banks (that's what they're working on).

Can I have a Bank iD even if my bank doesn't support it?

Yes, some of the participating banks allow the establishment of a banking identity even for citizens who don't have an account with them. However, it is then necessary to visit their branch. Currently, it is possible with Česká spořitelna, Komerční banka and MONETA Money Bank.

What should I do if my bank identity doesn't work?

If your Bank iD verification to online banking, companies or authorities does not work, please contact the bank whose banking identity you use. That bank will certainly be happy to help you resolve the situation.

Will I find out which companies or authorities I have used my banking identity with?

After logging in to your online banking, you have an overview where you can clearly find which companies or the authorities you have used which service and to whom you have provided your data.

Can I withdraw my consent to share my personal data?

In your internet banking, of course, you can see which companies or offices you have so far given your consent to the authorities to share personal data, and you can refuse their other uses.

What can I use Bank iD PLUS for?

Bank iD PLUS is a mobile application that makes it much easier for you to prove your age when purchasing goods and services for which it is mandatory by law (typically when purchasing alcohol or tobacco products). You log into the application with your bank identity. The app is currently in testing mode.
You can prove that you have reached the age limit when purchasing via a QR code. You don't have to look for an ID and you don't share sensitive personal data. You can find out how the application works on these pages.

Information for companies regarding the use of Bank iD

What are the benefits of Bank iD for businesses?

BankID is a method of verifying the identity of the user, through which have companies the opportunity to verify online 95% of all banking clients of seven banks on the Czech market (overview). Thanks to simplicity and speed they can easily acquire and verify a new customer, update data existing ones and speed up online processes by pre-filling the customer's personal data or electronic signature of the contract. Selected processes can be solved completely digitally. Can Bank iD be useful for your company? Then check out the For Business section for details.

What needs to be done if a business wants to offer Bank iD to customers?

It's nothing complicated you will find out everything needed in this section. You will also find all the details there. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us an e-mail and we can discuss everything together.

Is the use of Bank iD safe for business customers?

With a banking identity, businesses get user sign-in and authentication (their identities) that is on the same level of security as banks. This level of security is very high, banks invest tens of millions a year in their security. Ensure that level of security would otherwise be unnecessarily costly and mostly unrealistic for companies.

Will the data of our company's customers always be up-to-date when using Bank iD?

For those customers who use a banking identity, yes. BankID services include data updating if the client gives consent.

What is Bank iD SIGN and how exactly does it work?

This is the so-called guaranteed signature of a contract or document in PDF format. The service is intended for businesses that need to verify the signer's identity when signing online. In the case of such a signature, it is possible to retrospectively prove the identity of the person who signed the document, as the bank had already physically verified it (so-called identification).

What is the difference between Bank iD and Bank iD SIGN?

Bank iD is a method used to unambiguously prove identity in the online space. Bank iD SIGN is a service providing an advanced electronic signature of a person who has proven identity via Bank iD. Simply put: companies can use Bank iD to verify the identity of their customers and, thanks to the Bank iD SIGN service, sign a contract or other document with them.

What are the main advantages of Bank iD SIGN?

The main advantages include saving time. Whereas in the "manual way" the customer must come in person, read and sign the forms, which on average takes at least 30 minutes, digitally via Bank iD SIGN the time is reduced to about 5 minutes. Other benefits include security and simplicity, speed of implementation, proven way, greater number of customers and a higher success rate in obtaining them. In addition, the service works nonstop, 24/7.

What is the condition for using the Bank iD SIGN service?

The Bank iD SIGN service can be used by all companies that have implemented the Bank iD service. All you have to do is activate it in the Developer Portal. To use the service the company needs to have a technical solution that can provide all the steps needed for an electronic signature of a document. This solution can have a custom or vendor-signed solution that Bank iD supports (you can find them in the Partners section).

Other questions about banking identity

Was my data box set up when using Bank iD?

It wasn't and it will not be created for you.

Is Bank iD a national solution or part of a global standard?

Banking identity is a solution available for anyone who has an account in one of the Czech banks, that have connected to the Bank iD service (participating banks). The vision for the future is one European interconnection (one one-size-fits-all solution for all applicable throughout Europe), but for now Bank iD focuses primarily on the digitization of the Czech Republic.

What is the experience with banking identity abroad?

Similar projects involving cooperation between banks and the state have been successfully facilitating for several years daily activities for people in different countries, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, India, UAE or New Zealand. Banking identity is functioning and verified concept there. And that's exactly what we hope to do here in the Czech Republic, because it will greatly simplify life of Czech users.
Electronic identity has already become a driving force for the digital economy in a number of European countries. Its introduction leads to a higher use of online services across different sectors. This applies to especially digital onboarding, login to the client zone, data updates or online signing. And that's not all – other tailor-made services will also be created.