Your digital ID

to many online places

What are the benefits of
banking identity?

You don't have to remember so many passwords

With your banking identity you will log in not only to online banking but also to portals of various companies (e.g. client zones) thanks to BankID

You can solve a lot of things online with it

Simply log in or register everywhere with it and it will help you to fill out forms (in the future will be possible also to sign a contract with it)

You can use it completely free of charge

As well as online banking, login and bank identity confirmation are available to regular users at no charge

Banks guarantee safety

Only your bank has a bank identity and all your data as before, and only you determine where, how and for what you will use BankID

Where can you use your bank identity?

Where can you use your bank identity? e-identita eGovernment companies eGovernment portals Driver’s point system My taxes portal eRecept application Client zones Energy companies Insurance Websites and e-shops Bankovní identita Online banking Where can you use your bank identity? e-identity Online banking companies eGovernment eGovernment portals Client zones Driver's point system Energy companies My taxes portal Insurance eRecept application Websites and e-shops Bank identity

If you have any questions, check out the FAQs.

Safety first

People have been logging into online banking with bank identity data for years and have full confidence in this solution. However banks have invested in security and are continuously investing tens of millions of crowns.

This banking identity is also offered by BankID for companies, so that they can enable their clients to log in and communicate more easily and securely.

E-signing with a banking identity

Thanks to our SIGN service, you only need a bank identity to sign. You can sign a PDF document with an advanced electronic signature. There is no longer a need to obtain a qualified certificate stored on your computer or chip card, you already have everything for a secure signature thanks to your banking identity.

Signing is easy and fast, try it here.

The signature is free for the signer. The service is paid for by the company submitting the document for signing.

How to verify that a document is credibly signed with BankID?

All you need is the Adobre Reader application, which you can easily set up according to our procedure.

Banks offering BankID

On air:

Air bank
Česká spořitelna
Komerční banka
Moneta Money Bank


Fio banka
Unicredit bank