Your digital ID
Bank identity

BankID is a method of digital verification of your identity. Thanks to it, you can securely log in to the portals of various companies and state administration, as easily as in internet banking. That and much more!

Advantages of bank identity

Easy to use

You can access BankID via your internet banking login details. You will no longer need dozens of passwords.

Free services

Secure login, verification of personal data, filling in documents, signing contracts - you have it all free of charge.

Anytime and from anywhere

The bank identity is online, so you can use it on your computer and phone, from home, cottage and abroad. As you need.

Maximum security

As before, only your bank has all your data and only you determine where, how and for what you will use your bank identity.

How to get a bank identity

You already have your bank identity. This is your access data, resp. the way you log in to internet banking with your bank. These are the banks that already provide the banking identity to their clients:

Fio banka

This year, mBank and UniCredit Bank also plan to offer it to their clients.

Do you want to verify how the bank identity works? Try it in our demo.

What does the bank identity offer?

You will use your bank identity to log in and verify your identity in the online environment. All because your bank has verified you in the past. Specifically, it offers the following services:

Easy login

You can easily and safely access client zones, e-shops or applications with it.

Filling in forms

Just give your consent and the bank identity will automatically fill in your data for you.

Data verification

With a bank identity, you can easily prove your age or other personal data.

Signing documents

Thanks to the verified electronic signature, there is no need to weigh the trip in person.

BankID services are available on various company and state portals

Portals of private companies


State administration portals

Driving license
Pension calculation
Vaccination certificate
Tax return

What interests you the most

How does BankID authentication work?

It's easy. On the portal of the company or office that uses BankID, you choose to log in via BankID. You will then select verification through your bank and you will be redirected to its website where you will agree to the transfer of data. You will then be redirected back to the portal, where you will already be verified by your bank identity.
Only you and your bank can see the login details. The company or office does not see them and they do not even have access to them. You can test whether your bank identity works for you here.

Why have and use a bank identity?

You probably already have a bank identity - these are login details for internet banking (here you will find the banks that provide it).
BankID is used to verify your identity, which means that it can also be used for you to log in and verify at authorities and participating companies. Until now, you had to remember the login details separately for each portal. With a bank identity, all you have to do is click on the BankID button and you will solve everything as easily and securely as with your bank.

Is the use of a bank identity safe?

The use of BankID is very safe, as it is provided by the banks themselves. You can count on authorities and businesses to never see your password or other login information. So you don't have to worry about them being stolen if they are attacked. The verification itself takes place in the bank's environment. In addition to entering the username and password, you confirm the action with a mobile key or a code from an SMS message. You decide which data you want to share and which you do not provide access to.

Do you have another question? See the FAQ section.