Banking identity in government

You no longer have to go to the office, just log in with your bank identity and you can handle a lot of things online.

Portál občana (Citizen portal)

  • Validity of documents
  • Vehicle register
  • Renewal of driver's license
  • Status of drivers' scores
  • ePetice - establishment or signature
  • Trade (self-employed activity) - establishment or change
  • Criminal record
  • Real Estate Cadastre - viewing

Datová schránka (Data Box)

  • Set up a new data box

  • Log in to your data box

Úřad práce ČR (Labor Office of the Czech Republic)

  • You will apply for parental allowance and other benefits
  • You will apply for job placement or, for example, unemployment benefits

Česká správa sociálního zabezpečení (Czech Social Security Administration)

  • You can find out the amount of the pension in the pension calculator
  • Submission of an overview of income and expenditure of self-employed persons

Moje daně (My taxes)

  • Personal income tax
  • Real estate tax
  • Value added tax and a number of other taxes and tax registrations
  • Checking the status of the tax account

Očkovací portál občana (Vaccination portal)

  • Certificate of vaccination, test or illness

eRecept application

  • List of dispensed and non-dispensed drugs for themselves and children
  • Detail of a specific eRecept
  • An overview of completed vaccinations is also being prepared this year

Portál dopravy (Transport Portal)

  • View your driving offences and professional capability as a driver

  • Register for a captain's examination (examination for a commander of a small and recreational vessel)

  • Request compensation due to a delay or cancellation of a flight

  • Check out a taxi service vehicle or driver